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My name is Clara Ernst 
Illustrator and graphic designer based in the south of Denmark. 
Teaching within design, and working as a freelance illustrator. 

With a love for poster design. 
If you'd like to say hi, or to license, or commission any work, please do contact me at: 

See more on Instagram (scroll down) 

Etypes, Empathy, WEFactory, SOOP, DFUNK 


Latest Exhibitions

2022 Beijing Opera Art - International Poster Biennale 

2022 Lahti Internation Poster Triennial, Finland

2021 20x20 Poster for Peace, Højer DK - Invited Artist. 

2021 Iran-International Graphic Design Festival Association (IGDFA) + China-Europe International Design Culture         Association (CEIDA) The Imagination of justice, China, Zhengzhou  - Invited Artist
2020 Hope - 2nd Emirates International Poster Festival, Dubai 
2020 Biophillia - Poster Competition (Open air) Serenbe Georgia, Ponce de Leon Atlanta, LA, Barcelona   

2019 International Poster Biennale (BICeBé2019) Bienal del Cartel Bolivia    

2019 International Triennial of Stage Poster in Sofia, Bulgaria
2018 15th International Poster Biennale In Mexico (15 BICM) 
2017 Kurgan Regional Art Museum, Serbien.
2015 International Poster Biennale - Terras Gauda, Spain 


2015 Master of Arts within Communication Design, Kolding School of Design.   

2014 Intern at Obelo Milan, Italy.   

2013 Exchange program at Kingston University Dept.of illustration   

2013 Bachelor Degree. Kolding School of Design.   

2010 Krabbesholm College. Dept. of Art.09-2010 

Aarhus Kunstakademi/ Aarhus Art Academy  Undergraduate Art School, Dept. T - Cross-medial Art praxis 08-2009 

Aarhus Kunstakademi/ Aarhus Art Academy  Fundamental School. 

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